AccessTO is a not for profit organization that was created after a group of health professionals felt that there was a need for more in-depth reviews of the physical environments in our community. Until a more universal approach to construction is implemented in Ontario, we give you this blog to assist in your social endeavors.


Julian Stein - Chair

Julian joined AccessTO as a volunteer auditor in 2014 and gradually became a large contributing force behind the design and day to day operations of the website. Having a physical disability and using a wheelchair himself he has become a strong advocate for the disabled community in Toronto and is passionate about breaking down the stigma that having a disability can sometimes bring.

Silvia Guido

Silvia is a Toronto-based physiotherapist that specializes in the rehabilitation of individuals with neurological conditions. She is passionate about bringing awareness to the challenges faced by individuals with a disability in the city and created AccessTO 5 years ago to start the conversation. Silvia believes that accessibility affects everybody and hopes to see more inclusive design principles be brought to the city. Silvia hopes to increase overall education and community engagement with AccessTO.  

Laura Kalef, Secretary

Laura is an occupational therapist who believes accessibility helps everyone. Laura enjoys dining at restaurants and engaging in the activities that Toronto has to offer. She got involved with AccessTO in 2013 to combine her love for community activities with her passion for reducing barriers to access, to enable enjoyment for all in the city. 

Lydia Beck, Secretary

Lydia is an occupational therapist working in Toronto. She has been involved with AccessTO since 2014, and started as an auditor completing reviews of accessible spaces in the city. Lydia loves living in Toronto and enjoying all the restaurants that the city has to offer. She is involved with AccessTO to help increase access and awareness of accessible spaces in the city, so more people can enjoy the diverse range of restaurants and venues the city has to offer. 

Angie Yeh

Angie has spent the last 10 years working in a marketing and sales capacity focused on the Canadian retail industry. She has also led her corporate fundraising initiatives over the last four years through various in-house and public events. As a new mom, she has experienced firsthand the challenges of accessibility in the city while travelling with a stroller. She is excited to join the AccessTO team and work to continue highlighting accessible spots in the city.

Scott White

Scott is a Doctoral student at York University in the Faculty of Health (School of Health Policy and Management). His PhD research is focused on social policy in an area of Critical Disability Studies and his employment history spans 20 years in Toronto in varied areas of social service. Scott is a professional member of the Ontario College of Teachers and the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.  Scott joined AccessTO in 2017 with a keen interest in education and developing a standard for accessibility in Toronto.  

To submit a letter or comment in response to an AccessTO review, please send an email to editor@accessto.ca