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334 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2A4

Call to make reservations: (416) 596-1908

Wow, this place is so well known in Toronto that it has its own Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Rivoli !

Rivoli is a great multipurpose venue that serves great food and regularly hosts a variety of reasonably priced events such as comedy nights, live music and even burlesque shows. Huge positives for this restaurant is that the staff are friendly and accommodating, and the dining area and event space are both located at street level. That being said, the pool hall is not accessible as it is situated on the second floor and there are no elevators.

The main entrance to Rivoli hosts two independent 36 inch doors; there are no automatic door openers. If you look to the right of the main entrance you'll see a small accessible patio. Very busy during the warm months! The dimly lit dining area and event space have 28 inch tables that are well spaced to allow for ease of navigation. There are no carpets.

The private accessible washroom in Rivoli is quite spacious being 75 by 75 inches. There is no automatic door opener but staff are happy to assist in opening the 35 inch wide door. Inside there is one grab bar, a floating sink and an automatic hand dryer; the soap dispenser, toilet, and sink do not have automatic features.

Rivoli is located approximately 10 minutes away from Osgoode station. Parking is available curb-side, however, this may be difficult to come by during rush hour. Fortunately, there is a parking lot located close by at Queen and Soho.

Note: they do not take reservations on Friday and Saturday evenings

For more information about Rivoli's events you can check out their show listings page: http://www.rivoli.ca/showlistings.htm

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