Bar Italia- CLOSED

582 College St  Toronto, ON M6G 1B3

Call for reservations: (416) 535-3621

One of the few accessible restaurants in Little Italy and what a pleasant surprise.

The front entrance measures at 34 inches and you are greeted kindly by staff. Do not be disappointed by the large staircase leading down to the bathrooms, as there is a separate large accessible washroom in front of the bar (need to ask the bartender for the key). The space indoors and outdoors is clear of obstructions, zero level changes and all table heights are 28 inches. There is a patio in front, but unfortunately the space is tight and there is a large step. There is also an upstairs space for large parties, but again not accessible.

Street parking available but best bet would probably be to come early and park at one of the 2 Green Ps on Clinton St. 100 m away.

Overall, nice decor and open dining area make Bar Italia a nice option.

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