Picture of accessible entrance of Momofuku

190 University Ave  Toronto, ON M5H 0A3

Call for reservations: (647) 253-8000

Momofuku, one of the most exciting new restaurants in Toronto.  The interesting 3 floor establishment has Toronto Life placing 2 out of the 3 restaurants in Momofuku on their Best New Toronto Restaurants of 2013 list. To try and break it down, Momofuku is broken into 3 separate restaurants: the first floor Noodle Bar, the 22 seat Shoto and the family style dining of Daisho. All boost excellent menus and, except Shoto, are refreshingly accessible.

Noodle Bar: very spacious main floor with large tables and easily removable chairs. There is an unobstructed pathway to the elevator that takes you to the restaurants above and the bathrooms on the second floor. The entrance of the restaurant has two doors that can be opened by automatic door opener. No ramps or thresholds. No level changes on all floors.

An accessible bathroom stall is located in each of the male and female bathrooms, which is shared between all 3restaurants and lounge on second floor. Very spacious with grab bars and handle inside the stall to close the door; automatic flushers and sinks. Sink height is 29 inches.

Daisho: not as large as the noodle bar, but the limited tables create great space between the tables and an unobstructed path from the elevator.

Transportation to the restaurant: Osgoode station nearby is accessible. Small above ground parking lots available on Queen and Richmond just west of University