Mildred's Temple Kitchen

Picture of accessible interior

85 Hanna Ave. Toronto, ON M6K 3S3

Call for reservations: (416) 588-5695

I finally made it last weekend to Donna Dooher's Mildred's Temple Kitchen. Best known for the chef and co-owner's commitment to home grown ingredients.  The food did not disappoint, but the incredible spaces created indoors and outdoors on the patio need to be commended. Automatic door openers allow you to enter the restaurant from the main entrance and the entrance from the patio. Doorways measure at 32 inches. The co-ed washroom is very visible and once inside there is a separate accessible stall with a sink.

The space indoors is just so vast that the space in between tables meet every required measurement for mobility devices. The restaurant is also located beside a parking garage which allows for elevator access to the street. Here is a restaurant that just ticks off all the boxes. Cant wait to try the patio at brunch!