L'Avenue Bistro- CLOSED

Picture of accessible entrance

1568 Bayview Ave  Toronto, ON M4G 3B7

Call for reservations: (416) 485-1568

What a lovely French restaurant in Leaside. Came here for lunch and did not want to leave :)

You are welcomed into L'Avenue by a charming archway and have the option of sitting at a table indoors or on the small patio. The doorway measures at 34 inches and there is an unobstructed walkway through the restaurant for easy access to the washroom. There are no level changes and no carpets. Table heights- 26 inches.

Single accessible washroom- appropriate handle, 36 inch width of door. No grab bars, no automatic dryers or sinks.

Transportation to this restaurant may be a little challenging as it is not on the subway line and parking on the street is sparse. Try the side streets (eg. Belsize) for better options.