Jedd's Frozen Custard- CLOSED


2470 Yonge St  Toronto, ON M4P 2H5

I do not know how often I passed by Jedd's over the years, but it was only until a friend of mine gave me their card that I visited this incredible patisserie cafe. Not only did the quite foreign, yet delicious, custard surprise me but the space indoors is created to make anyone feel welcome and comfortable.

The front entrance is unobstructed with a 34 inch door. There is no automatic button to assist with opening the door, but in Jedd's defense not many store fronts in this area provide this luxury.

Inside there are no level changes and very few tables allow ample space for any mobility device. The accessible washroom is very large with a high sink, two grab bars and 34 inch door. Very clean.

Jedd's is a few blocks north of the accessible Yonge & Eglinton subway station. If driving, I find that the underground parking at Yonge & Broadway (in the Minto building) has great accessible parking or you can try one of the side streets.

Overall, I find myself impressed enough with this cafe that I would recommend others not so close to actually venture into the Yonge & Eglinton community to try Jedd's famous frozen custard. The friendly staff and already reviewed space just add to the unique experience.

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