Strada 241- CLOSED


241 Spadina Ave  Toronto, ON M5T 2E2

Call for reservations: (647) 351-1200

What a great addition to AccessTo! I want to give a notable mention to Strada 241 for the unique features within this restaurant that make it accessible- especially considering the building's Victorian history.

The entrance consists of two large 32 inch doors with an automatic door opener. Unfortunately, this automatic feature was not functioning on my visit. I will be optimistic and assume the button is being repaired :)

Once past the doors you are met with a flight of stairs and to the left a large lift to assist anyone into the restaurant who cannot negotiate those steps. The lift is controlled by the staff and it is recommended you inform them with your reservation if it is needed. If planning on dropping in last minute, no problem- anyone at the bar can help you! The lift measures 40 inches wide by 60 inches long. This 3,800 square foot restaurant is all one level past those initial steps and tons of room to accommodate the largest of mobility devices.

Family/Accessible Washroom: easily accessed through swinging doors. 34 inch entrance with a straight handle, 2 grab bars, hanging sink with plenty of leg room, but no automatic functions. Total space built by code at 72x72 inches.

A feature to mention was this fantastic large wood table at the back of the restaurant that offers anyone in a wheelchair, or groups of individuals in wheelchairs, a spacious spot to dine.

Parking in busy Chinatown may be a little difficult. There is paid street parking right in front of the restaurant or just North on Grange street. There are several Green P underground parking options along Spadina, but I cannot comment on their elevators. Not on subway line.