Asian Legend

Picture of wide pathways within interior of restaurant

125 Ravel Road, Toronto, ON M2H 1T1

Call for reservations: (416) 756-9388

This Northern Chinese cuisine restaurant is completely accessible, inside and out!

Due to its location in a busy strip plaza, Asian Legend has great, free parking options with many accessible spots. The main entrance off the wide sidewalk is easily visible with no obstructions. There are 2 separate doors to enter the busy restaurant, but both are 34 inches wide.

The dining area is very spacious and divided into split three spaces for a sense of privacy. No level changes and plenty of room between tables. There are large male and female washrooms that contain an accessible stall in each. The main door and stall door are 34 inches wide. There are 2 grab bars in a 30x60 inch space. There are no automatic features.

Overall, this place has enough room to make anyone feel comfortable. With the addition of great food, this may be a restaurant you consider driving into the city to experience :)

Also check out Asian Legend's other location in North York that is also accessible on the subway line!: