Ramen Raijin

Picture of statue inside of restaurant

3 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M5B 2P3

Call for reservations: (647) 748-1500

Finally a ramen restaurant in Toronto that seats more than 30 people. Oh, and still offers quality food with great service.

You enter Ramen Raijin through two doors- one measuring 34 inches, the second at 32 inches. The restaurant is divided up into two dining areas which helps create a spacious dining experience. The unobstructed walkway to the back dining area and accessible washroom measures at 40 inches. There are no carpets and one level change created by a long ramp.  I really liked the option of communal seating around the wooden statue as it provides anyone the ability to shift or remove chairs for comfort (the statue is also super cool).

A completely separate space is provided for the accessible washroom located beside the private dining room at the back: doorway 35 inches, 2 grab bars, very clean, no automatic features.

Parking in downtown core will be pricey, especially because Raijin is in the center of Ryerson University. Being so close to the university also guarantees poor parking on the street. If possible, take the subway to Dundas station and exit from the Eaton Centre.

Conclusion: If you want great food, in a great space, without the wait...visit Ramen Raijin!