Ed's Real Scoop - Roncesvalles

Picture of accessible entrance

189 Roncesvalles Ave. Toronto, ON M6R2L5

Third time's the charm for Ed's Real Scoop! Although the ice cream company has two existing locations in the East end of Toronto, their recently opened Roncesvalles location is the only accessible one of the three. Roncesvalles can be a bit dicey in terms of accessibility (although the recent invasion of StopGap was a huge help!) so it's nice to see the effort that Ed's has put into making their space wheelchair-friendly. And on top of all this, their ice cream and gelato are truly delicious. On a hot afternoon it was a very welcome treat!

The main entrance is 36 1/2 inches wide, with a unique feature that I've never seen before. The entrance has a tall pane of glass to the right of the door, and staff can swing it open to widen the door even further. There is a small ramp from the sidewalk to the door. Inside the shop there's a wide open area in front of the oh-so-beautiful gelato case. There are a few bar height stools in the front window, but the remainder of tables have removable chairs with standard 29 inch high tables.

A hallway - which is 39 inches wide at it's narrowest point - leads to a pair of washrooms. These washrooms are beautiful! I was really impressed by how the owners have paid attention to small details. The mirrors are tilted downwards and they have even hung low hooks on the back of the doors. Both toilets are surrounded by two grab bars each. Toilet paper, soap and paper towels are hung a low heights for easy-access. The doorways to the washrooms are both 35 inches wide. The sinks are 29 1/2 inches high with at least 40 inches of space width-wise.

There is a bench in front of the store but I wouldn't really call it a patio. However, the sidewalk is wide and well-maintained so sitting out front with your cone is definitely an option. The best bet for parking is finding a spot on one of the many side streets off of Roncesvalles. In terms of TTC, Dundas West subway station is accessible and about 1km to the North.