Picture of bar and dining room tables
Picture of accessible interior of restaurant. All standard height tables.

79 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5J 2Z9

Call for reservations: (416) 865-1924

Stratus – a place where you can order from the most decadent, diverse menu in Toronto, while sitting on top of the city. Stratus not only has a stunning view of Toronto, delicious menus and great service, but also an accessible design. Check out Stratus weekdays for breakfast, lunch or dinner – it is perfect for meetings, dates and special events.

Picture of the outside of TD tower where you enter.

Stratus is located on the 36th floor of the TD south tower. To enter from Wellington, there is an accessible ramp on the north-west side of the building and an automatic door. There is an alternative entrance from the PATH and underground parking garage; however, the security officer will have to arrange the service elevator. This would be the same entrance if you were coming by TTC - closest stop is union station. Once in the TD lobby, take the accessible elevators (47” width entrance) to the 36th floor and you will see the beautiful Stratus entrance with windows looking out onto Lake Ontario. You will be greeted by a friendly host through the entrance; there is no door to enter the restaurant.

The floors are mostly hardwood, with a few carpeted areas in the center of the restaurant. All the dining room tables are Standard height (29.5” high) with space underneath and removable chairs. The seating in the bar area varies with some lower tables (27” high) and some high bar seating. There is clear floor space throughout the restaurant and unobstructed hallways.

Picture of accessible washroom.

The washrooms are located at the back of the restaurant through a door with an automatic door opener. The accessible washroom is the first door on the right; however there are no automatic features. The washroom door is 33” wide with a handle to open and close. The bathroom is equipped with two grab bars by the toilet. The sink is 33” high and has a clearance of 27” below.

I loved the delicious menu options - especially the daily soup selections and the succulent beef short ribs for dinner! Please let us know what you think of the view!