Wilbur Mexicana

Picture of salsa bar at Wilbur Mexicana
Picture of accessible entrance to restaurant.

552 King St. W., Toronto, ON M5V 1M3

Call for questions: (416) 792-1878 (no reservations)

I have been anticipating the opening of this new Mexican restaurant for a very long time, and was happy to discover that it was accessible when I was trying it out! There are so many Mexican restaurants in Toronto now, but one thing that makes Wilbur unique is its bar of homemade salsas and collection of hot sauces. There are so many options to choose from so you can personalize your tacos and make them exactly to your liking!

Picture of accessible interior of restaurant. Wide pathway between cash counter and tables.

The entrance to Wilbur is 40 inches wide with a small threshold measuring less than half an inch. The door opens into a wide, lively space with ample turning space and unobstructed routes to the back of the large restaurant. Unfortunately most of the tables are bar height (39 inches high), but there are four at the back, which measure 29 inches high and have moveable chairs. The restaurant doesn't take reservations but the manager said if someone called or showed up requesting one of those tables, they would be happy to accommodate. The floors are various types of tile with no level changes or bumps.

Wilbur has two large individual female and male washrooms. The washrooms have no automatic features but are very large. The door measures 34.5 inches wide. The bathroom door is very heavy, and when discussing this with the manager, he said that staff would do everything they could to help someone if needed. He was also receptive to my suggestion to make the door automatic or able to stay open by itself so perhaps this issue will be improved in the future. There are grab bars located behind and beside the toilet. The sink is 30 inches high and 28 inches wide. The soap and paper towels are reachable and the soap is in an automatic dispenser.

There is currently no patio but one will pop up in the summer months in front of the restaurant. It will be accessible as long as there are regular (29 inch) height tables.

Picture of accessible washroom.

The sidewalk in front of the restaurant is very wide and there is a large curb cut right in front of the restaurant. There is street parking along King and several lots near by. The nearest Green Ps are at 10 Portland St (just north of Front St), or at Adelaide and Spadina (105 Spadina Ave or 365 Adelaide St W). The nearest TTC stop is St. Andrews, and the restaurant is close to Spadina, so can be accessed via the Spadina streetcars.

Are you a fan of all the new Mexican places opening in Toronto? Is there such thing as too much salsa?