Picture of accessible entrance
Picture of accessible interior of restaurant. Wide pathways with wooden tables.

328 Wellington Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 3T4

Call for reservations: (416) 935-0400

Happy New Year everyone! Looking for a delicious new spot for dim sum this year? Luckee, in the SoHo Hotel is a must visit! Chef Susur Lee has developed a chinese food menu with a modern spin on dim sum that has many delicious options for all foodies. Check them out for brunch on weekends from 11am to 2:30pm, or dinner Tuesday to Sunday, or visit the bar Mon-Sun nights for a drink.

Luckee is not only delicious and well decorated, but was designed with accessibility in mind. You can enter Luckee from the automatic doors of the SoHo Hotel lobby (33” wide double doors), or through the manual doors into Luckee directly (two, 35”wide doors with a ½” thresholds). There is clear floor space throughout the hotel lobby, the bar, and the restaurant with wood and tile flooring with no level changes. There are three main seating areas in the restaurant: The red light district, the pagoda room, which can be closed for private events, and the main dining area that overlooks the kitchen. All three areas have accessible 28”high tables and removable chairs. The music is part of the atmosphere at Luckee but it is controlled separately for each room. For the quietest seating, ask for a table in the Pagoda room.

Picture of sinks in accessible washroom.

The bathrooms are in the lobby of the SoHo hotel. There is an accessible stall in both the male and female restrooms. The following measurements are for the female washroom, and I have been assured there is a similar stall in the men’s room (please comment below if you find a change in the men’s room). The accessible stall door is 35” wide with a handle on the outside and a lock on the inside. The bathroom doors are fairly heavy, and have no automatic features. The accessible stalls are equipped with 2 grab bars (30” and 25”) by the toilet, and auto flush features. The sink is outside the stall, at a height of 35” with clearance below. The sinks are automatic, and the soap and paper towels are within reach.

Picture of accessible entrance of restaurant.

When traveling to Luckee you can use the new accessible Spadina streetcars! Have you used them yet? What do you think? If travelling by car there is parking available at the SoHo hotel at a reduced rate for Luckee guests $20.00 for dinner, $10.00 for brunch, or $35 valet service. The restaurant can be accessed from the parking garage by an accessible elevator to the SoHo lobby. Additional parking can be found on the streets nearby, or in the paid lot across the street.

Let us know what you think of the Dim Sum!