Sushi Gen

Picture of Chinese ornamental cats

1502 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4T 1Z6

Call for reservations: (416) 921-3388

Sushi Gen is a good spot for a quick, affordable sushi meal in midtown Toronto. They also have a very reasonably priced all-you-can-eat option, which draws a lot of people to this restaurant! 

There are two doors to enter the restaurant that measure 35 inches across. There are unfortunately no automatic door openers. Sushi Gen is a spacious restaurant with lots of seating options. There are many tables measuring 29 inches high with removable chairs, so it would be possible to go to this restaurant with a small or large group. The restaurant floors are carpeted, but there are no level or texture changes so it is fairly smooth.

Picture of accessible interior. Wide pathway.
Picture of accessible washroom.

The washrooms are located at the back of the restaurant. The bathrooms aren’t individual but rather there are accessible stalls inside the men’s and women’s. The door to the washroom measures 35 inches. The stall doors are also 35 inches across and the stall is spacious. There are two grab bars by the toilet; one on the side and one behind, and both are slip resistant. The sink is 30 inches high and 29 inches wide, and paper towel and soap are easily reached. The bathroom has no automatic features.

The sidewalk along Yonge St. is unobstructed with a curb cut close by. There are two Green P lots near by as well, located at 1501 Yonge St. and 20 Delisle Ave. The subway is close too, with St. Clair station located just across the street as well.

Do you prefer all-you-can-eat sushi or are you more of a sushi purist? Let us know in the comments below!