Paganelli's Risotteria- CLOSED

View of the accessible dining area at Paganellis.

106 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1E1

Call for reservations: (416) 363-8370

Down by the St. Lawrence Market hides an authentic Italian restaurant that is accessible and delicious!

There is a long ramp off George Street that welcomes you into Paganelli’sRisotteria. The doors to enter are both 34” wide, and there is a ½” lip in the floor transition.  The tables range from 27 – 29” in height with removable chairs. There is a 34” wide ramp from the main seating area down to the area of the washrooms, as well as a space for larger dining parties.  The ramp is 34” wide with railings on both sides.

Picture of accessible bathroom sink area.

The hallway to the washrooms is 34” wide. The women’s bathroom door is 30” door that you push to enter. The accessible stall door is 31” wide and the toilet is 16” high. There are no grab bars installed in the bathroom. There is turning space, however, currently there is a baby change table in the accessible stall limiting the space. A recommendation has been made to the restaurant to move this to ensure ample turning space in the stall. The sinks are 33” high and 22” deep. There is some clearance below the sink, however,  only 21” from the ground. There are automatic soap and paper towel dispensers. The men’s washroom has two doors to enter, one at 30” and one at 31”. There is one accessible stall with no grab bars and ample turning space.

Picture of Paganelli's restaurant from the outside with ramp view.

There is parking on the streets around the restaurant, George St, Front Street etc. There is a green P parking lot at King and George, or one at lower Jarvis. Don’t be fooled by the private parking lot out front of the restaurant, as there are no public spots available. The closest accessible subway is Union station. 1-

Be sure to try their homemade pasta and award- winning Risotto when you visit!

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