Sorry Coffee Co.

Picture of accessible pathway in front of Sorry Coffee Co.

102 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1M8

Sorry Coffee Co. is located in the back portion of the Canadian retail store, Kit and Ace. This is Kit and Ace's second location in Toronto, but the only one with an impressive artisan coffee shop. Although not a large space, its accessibility features allows for the visitor to actually access the whole clothing store and was definitely worth a visit.

Picture of accessible entrance

The main entrance of Kit and Ace is off of Bloor St, however the addition of a step creates a barrier. We recommend you enter through the Sorry Coffee Co entrance which is accessed from Critchley Lane just to the right. This door is 40 inches wide and includes an automatic door opener that works! Once inside there is a bench and small removable tables and chairs in front of the coffee counter. No worries if the counter is a little high for you as the barista came around and delivered our coffees. Co-writer Julian noted that the items on the self serve counter was a little too far to reach, however we felt confident that you would only need to ask one of the friendly baristas to assist with preparing your coffee (if not black).

Picture of removable tables and chair inside the coffee shop

The best part of the space must have been the large accessible washroom that offers an automatic button for the 38 inch wide door. Other features include an L grab bar, a floating sink, an automatic hand dryer and an easy to reach soap dispenser and faucet.

Sorry Coffee Co. can be accessed at the Yonge and Bloor subway station. If driving there is underground parking off of Cumberland and/or Yorkville. Not exactly in front of the shop but you may not want to be considering how busy the Bloor and Avenue intersection can be!

Picture of accessible washroom
Picture of review team Silvia Guido and Julian Stein