Evergreen Brick Works

550 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4W 3X8

General Inquiries: (416) 596-7670

Picture of accessible walkway with lookout to the pond
Picture of the main entrance showing automatic button

Lauded as one of Canada’s top geotourism destinations, Evergreen Brick Works, a former brick quarry, has been transformed over the years to provide environmental and educational benefits to the community. The natural beauty of the wetlands combined with the incredible wildflower meadows make it site for the whole family to enjoy. The Brick Works also hosts a Farmer’s Market every weekend and a garden market open daily for those of us who want to indulge our green thumb!

Picture of accessible interior of Café Belong
Picture of entrance of Café Belong

Throughout the vast space, accessibility has clearly been considered. The Marketplace (Building 14) acts as the heart of the Brick Works and houses Café Belong as well as the main washrooms, which are accessible. In the summer, I visited Café Belong for it’s fabulous (and accessible) patio and was not disappointed. The interior of the café is also accessible and can be reached through the main doors from the Marketplace. The doors measure 34 inches each and are always propped open. Inside, there are several standard height tables to accommodate most groups and you can call ahead, (416) 901-8234, to make a reservation, even for brunch! Across from these doors you will find the accessible washrooms, which are shared by the café patrons and the Brick Works visitors.

Picture of accessible washroom

To enter the restrooms there are two, 36 inch swinging doors to pass through, each with its own automatic opener. Once inside, there is an accessible stall in each washroom that features a 36 inch door, two grab bars and an overall clear floor space of 75x75 inches. There is a straight latch to easily open and close the door. Sinks have automatic features and are 28 inches from the floor with no obstructions underneath. The mirrors have also tilted for a better view for everyone. A change table is also available for families, and just outside of the washrooms are free water fountains for the public.

Picture of market at the Brickworks

When visiting, be sure not to miss out on the stunning terrace pond lookouts and the old quarry, as they are both accessible. The farmer’s market and garden market that run throughout the week are on level ground and contain wide pathways for groups to navigate. Evergreen Brick Works also offers event space rentals for anything from a business meeting to a 2000 person wedding! For more information, please visit their website: https://www.evergreen.ca/get-involved/evergreen-brick-works/event-space-rental/

If driving, there is a paid parking lot on site with eight wheelchair accessible spaces. Weekends in the Spring/Summer can get very busy so arrive early! If using transit, the 28 Bayview South bus leaves from Davisville subway station and is accessible. Evergreen Brick Works also offers a free shuttle bus from the parkette on Erindale Ave, east of Broadview Ave (just north of the accessible Broadview subway station). Pets are not permitted on the shuttle bus, but service animals such as guide dogs are welcome. For the shuttle bus schedule please visit: https://www.evergreen.ca/get-involved/evergreen-brick-works/visitor-info/getting-here/shuttle-bus/

How did you find Evergreen Brick Works? Did we miss something? Please comment below on your experience when visiting!