619 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1B5

Phone: (647) 748-7839

Front entrance

Rudy is a no-fuss burger joint that has one focus--great tasting burgers and fries (including poutine!). The inviting space and thrown open doors are designed to invite in any passerby. The two 36-inch doors are accessible, with a small sloped lip to traverse when you enter. The owner (who also did double duty as our friendly host and cashier) told us that customers quite often wander in off the street and order food for takeaway, so don't hesitate to drop in!

Accessible route and tables

If you do sit down for a meal, there is plenty of space for maneuvering a mobility device, and four tables each measuring 29 inches in height with removable seating. The whole space is brightly lit, with vintage rock music playing in the background

Accessible no gender restroom

The spacious accessible washroom is a great feature. This gender-neutral washroom has a single 36-inch door with a lever handle. Note that the small lock embedded in the handle (which must be turned) may be somewhat tricky for those with limited dexterity. The door has no automatic button. The inside of the washroom is spacious, and there is plenty of room to turn around and close the door behind you. It was not possible to park a wheelchair directly in front of the toilet, but one could be maneuvererd closely or parked perpendicular. Other accessible washroom features include two grab bars with standard positioning around the toilet, a tilted mirror, and a 27-inch high sink with great clearance.

If traveling via transit, you can use Queen’s Park accessible subway station and head west on College St. There is also paid parking in the Metro lot beside the restaurant.

Rudy is a great accessible option on College St. for those who want tasty burgers and fries along with a relaxed atmosphere and friendly service. Let us know in the comments if you check Rudy out, and how your experience went!