Bier Markt

Picture of accessible entrance to the Bier Markt

58 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON M5E 1A6

Call for Reservations: 416-862-7575

The St. Lawrence area is full of things to do, including exploring the St. Lawrence Market, water-side activities and plenty of opportunities to check great accessible restaurants like the Bier Markt. Just a 6 minute walk from Union Station, the Bier Markt has one of the biggest selections of beer in the city with over 150 to choose from!

The entrance to the Bier Markt is hard to miss with two giant black doors, each 39-inches wide. There is then another set of glass doors each 38-inches to enter the restaurant. It is important to note that there is no automatic door features and the front door is quite heavy. A curb cut near the entrance allows for easy access from the road if you park on the street. There is also a parking lot across the street and a municipal parking garage nearby.

Picture of spacious interior of the Bier Markt with standard height tables

The large interior is open with plenty of room to maneuver around in most areas of the restaurant. There is a smooth transition to enter from the sidewalk to the large stone tiles indoors. Although a few smaller dining areas require a step or two to enter, the rest of the restaurant is tile and hardwood flooring with no level changes. Table heights slightly vary from 28-inches in the main dining area to 27.5-inches for the round tables in the back dining area; all with removable chairs.

Picture of the accessible interior

The washrooms are located at the back of the restaurant beside the main dining area. The accessible washroom is clearly marked in the bottom right corner of the door window pane. There is not an automatic door opener for the 32-inch wide push-door, however once inside, there is lots of space to maneuver around. There is a 35-inch high horizontal grab bar located behind the toilet and a diagonal grab bar located beside the toilet, which is not immediately adjacent. The toilet paper dispenser is quite high, at 44-inches from the ground, and the hand dryer and soap dispenser are 35-inches and 39-inches respectively in height. The sink has 29-inches of clearance below with hot and cold twist faucets which may require fine motor skills to control.

Picture of accessible washroom
Picture of accessible entrance to the washroom

The front area of the restaurant is well lit with natural lighting and plenty of overhead lights, however once you venture further into the back areas the lighting becomes dimmer. The +500 person capacity of the restaurant can fill up quickly during the evenings on weekends, so it is a good idea to come early if you are there to try out a few of their many beers on tap! 

When we spoke with the manager he told us they will be doing renovations in the fall and that they will take into consideration introducing automatic buttons for the doors and in making adjustments in the bathroom.  Bier Markt currently hosts themed nights, weekly live music sets and large corporate events!

Did we mention they have brunch? Let us know what you think of the Bier Markt!