La Société

Picture of accessible entrance of La Societe

131 Bloor St W #211, Toronto, ON M5S 1R1

Call for reservations: (416) 551-9929

La Société is an elegantly appointed restaurant located on Toronto’s Mink Mile. Not to be overshadowed by its décor, La Société provides a taste of Paris in the heart of the city, all within an accessible space.

The main entrance to the restaurant is located on the second floor of 131 Bloor Street West. The building’s main doors have automatic features and an elevator. The entrance to the restaurant itself is a large set of double doors each of which measures 37”. The doors do not have automatic feature but are propped open during service hours.

Picture of accessible interior of restaurant

La Société is split into three areas: a bar, main dining room, and a private room for parties. The three spaces all provide accessible seating options. For individuals using wheelchairs or mobility devices, Chris noted that the 29” high banquette-style tables in the main dining room provide the best choice for clearance underneath. Routes throughout the dining room are wide with a few tighter spots near service stations. Routes within the bar area are approximately 35”.

Picture of tables and booths in front of restaurant

The main washrooms are located down a 40” wide hallway off of the bar area. The door to enter is 35” wide and does not have automatic features. Both Chris and I noticed that the door was quite heavy which made operating it a bit difficult. Once inside there is an accessible stall with a 35” door, clean and clear floor space, and two grab bars. The toilet does not have automatic features and the flush is located on the side nearest the wall. Sinks measure 29” above the floor, clearance underneath is somewhat obstructed by a wastebasket that may make access a bit tricky for some users.

Picture of sinks in the washroom with waste basket obstructing space
Picture of toilet and 2 grab bars in accessible washroom

When we visited around mid-day the main dining room was well-lit thanks to an abundance of natural light. Both Chris and I found the music to be somewhat loud, particularly in the smaller bar area. The bar area also was not as well-lit as the main dining room. Lighting does dim and music volume does increase during evening service. Individuals who require accommodation in a quieter or brighter area are encouraged to call ahead to ensure that they are seated as comfortably as possible. La Société is also happy to accommodate for individuals needing large print menus or pureed food options if given advanced notice.

For transport, the nearest accessible subway station is St. George. There are several parking lots within a comfortable distance of the restaurant around Avenue and Bloor St.