Panda House- CLOSED

2714 St. Clair Ave E, Toronto, ON M4B 1M6

Phone: (416) 755-2020

Located in an unassuming building on St. Clair Avenue East, between Victoria Park and O’Connor, Panda House is a hidden gem with an extensive selection of Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese food. A personal favourite of Fran’s with a beautiful fish tank and colourfully backlit bar we decided to check it out.

Side entrance

Panda House has two entrances off of St. Clair. The front entrance has two stairs. However, the east side of the building has a side entrance measuring 33” wide with a ramp. There is a 2” threshold at the door but staff are happy to assist anybody with difficulty negotiating the lip, just give them a call! Heading out from the parking lot, entry onto the sidewalk has a slightly steep incline, which might be a challenge for those using a manual wheelchair.

Seating area

Once inside, Panda House is very spacious with floor to ceiling windows lining one wall providing lots of natural light, and plenty of seating options. All tables are 28” high and have removable seating with the exception of booths. Flooring is tile with smooth transitions and wide routes throughout. We visited around 4:00 pm as the restaurant was opening to the evening crowd and noticed that the noise level remained quite comfortable with music playing in the background. Menus are high contrast as well as available online ( for individuals wishing to magnify.

Accessible stall in washrooms

There are two well-marked accessible washrooms on the main floor. Each door swings inward, is 34” wide, has a knob handle and is relatively heavy. Once inside, there is an accessible stall that features two grab bars. It is worth noting that the women’s stall is tighter than the men’s. Lighting immediately upon entering the men’s washroom is somewhat dim however it does get brighter as you move toward the stalls and sinks. Both washrooms have 34” high sinks with good clearance below. However, the paper towel dispensers are located in a corner between the counter and the wall making them difficult to access from a seated position.

The closest accessible Subway Station is Victoria Park, which is about a 30 minute walk or roll to Panda House. The #70 O’Connor bus also stops right in front of the restaurant when headed westbound. For those preferring to drive, the restaurant has its very own parking lot. The Panda House is open from 4pm to 10pm every evening except Mondays.

Let us know if you try out The Panda House. We’re sure the variety of fresh and tasty dishes will have you leaving on a full stomach!