Empire Grill Indian Cuisine & Wine Bar

1100 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C 2E2

Phone: (416) 785-1727

Empire Grill is a charming Indian restaurant in the heart of the Eglinton West neighbourhood, open for dinner from 5 to 10 pm. The space has only been open for 2 months but after tasting the food and experiencing the impeccable customer service we are hopeful that it will not be closing its doors anytime soon.

Double set of entrance doors

The entrance to the restaurant is level and barrier-free, and the doorways are 34 inches wide. The double door entranceway makes for a very tight turn but was manageable in my 18 inch wide wheelchair with assistance from the staff to hold the doors open.

Upon entering the dining area the elegant decor and low-lighting make for a classy dining experience. We were pleasantly surprised to find that staff were willing to increase the lighting level for the area when we asked. If you are dining during daylight hours there's plenty of extra light at tables next to the large windows in the front.  The ambient noise level was low with mellow music playing in the background. The take-out menu offers larger font descriptions so please ask if you find the main menu difficult to read.

Dining room

Tables and chairs were of a standard design and height.  When moving through the space the width between tables varied, but there was generally enough room to maneuver and staff were quick to shift tables and chairs to create space even before being asked.   

Toilet with two grab bars

There is a single men’s and women’s washroom at the back of the restaurant that is used by everyone. They are very clean, large and accessible! Each room is approximately 100 x 75 inches with a 34 inch wide doorway. There are also 2 grab bars beside the toilet and a small sink that can be approached on an angle to avoid obstruction if using a mobility device. The mirror was not tilted making it difficult to use and the light switch was placed high on the wall.  

We found the location easily accessible by TTC bus, but there is also parking on the street or in the outdoor lot directly across the street. Please note that the pedestrian route from Eglinton West station is definitely not recommended, as the current construction for the Eglinton LRT Line makes the available walking path unsafe for virtually anyone using a mobility device.

Overall, our meal at Empire Grill was tasty and the customer service was thoughtful and attentive. Clearly the Owner and Chef values accessibility, and we are happy to share the space on AccessTO!