Otto’s Bierhalle

1087 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1H3

Call: 416-901-5472

Otto’s Bierhalle serves up bavarian feasts complemented by a wide selection of beers in a true biergarten atmosphere. The tasteful design and creative lighting create a friendly and welcoming space with an abundance of greenery that brings the outside in.

Located on Queen St West, the restaurant has a slight incline to their front entrance, which measures 36 inches wide. There is a ½ inch threshold upon entering into the dining space which is all on one level with tiled floors. This space features communal tables measuring 30 inches high with bench seating or removable chairs. There are also bar height tables that are 40 inches high. The smallest hallway is 30 inches wide. There is a large beer menu located on the back wall behind the bar, which measures 44 inches high. A print menu offers good contrast, with black lettering on a white background.

Picture of accessible interior

This inviting space is well-lit and has large windows in the front that bring in plenty of natural light. Background music was playing at a low level when we visited at 5pm, and service animals are welcome in the restaurant.

Picture of bar and communal tables

The accessible, single stall washroom is located at the back of the restaurant and has an automatic door opener that is illuminated around the edges. The bathroom door is 37 inches wide and opens out with a lever handle on both sides. There is a push to lock feature inside of the stall, along with an automatic tap and tilted mirror. There is also an emergency button beside the toilet. The sink is 29 inches from the floor with partial open space underneath. There is an automatic soap dispenser located towards the back of the sink.

Picture of accessible washroom

This stall is more than just a washroom. The all-green walls are used as a green screen and customers can take their own picture to transport themselves to different destinations. It is even equipped with a computer to view your pictures or send them via email! The black keyboard with white letters sits 30 inches above the ground.

Green P parking is available 300m to the west, by the intersection of Queen St and Lisgar St. If travelling by transit, you can take the 63 bus from the accessible Ossington subway station, which stops at Queen St and Ossington Ave, 300 m east of Otto’s Bierhalle.