2277 Bloor Street W, Toronto, ON M6S 1P1
Phone: (647) 643-3132

If you find yourself in Bloor West Village looking for a fine dining experience, Awai, Nathan Isberg’s newest passion project, would be an excellent choice! Awai is a lovely vegan eatery with an extensive wine selection, an open concept kitchen and a beautiful wood-burning oven. If kombucha and fresh veggies make your mouth water, then Awai is the place for you.

awai front

When entering Awai there is a short outdoor hallway that measures 36 inches at its narrowest point and leads up to the main entrance. The door itself is pull-operated and measures 35 inches wide. Just inside the door is a seasonal heavy floor runner to keep out the snow and slush.

awai seating options in dining room

The inside of the restaurant is spacious with lots of natural light from the picture windows and skylights. In the evenings, warm artificial lighting keeps the space cosily lit. All the floors are solid cream and white tile. All of the tables are wood, measure 30 inches in height, are stable, and have removable chairs. There are a few banquettes along the walls, but only at tables that also feature removable seating. Routes throughout the space are quite spacious with the smallest clearance between tables measuring 43 inches with the chairs pushed fully out.

toilet with grab bars

The single occupancy washroom has a 30 inch wide door to enter, with lever fixtures, and opens inward. The toilet is 20 inches tall, and has two grab bars installed around it. The first is a horizontal grab bar behind the toilet, and the second is a diagonal bar to the right side of the toilet. The toilet paper is on a 20 inch tall movable stand. The sink is 31 inches off the floor, 11 inches deep, with a single lever for both hot and cold water, and clearance underneath. A mirror sits over the sink at 45 inches from the floor.

Jane Station is the closest accessible station, and is about a 10 to 15 minute walk or roll to Awai. There is also an open air Green P lot located just around the corner at 265 Durie Street.

A great place for a date or a get together with friends, Awai accepts reservations and features seasonal menu changes, so if you’re looking for a relaxing evening, with some tasty vegan eats be sure to check it out!