d | bar

Picture of accessible entrance of D Bar

60 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON M4W 0A4

Call: (416) 964-0411

Whether you need a location for a comfortable business meeting or a classy date spot, d|bar’s air of professional intimacy and casual elegance inspires an upscale feel without disrupting the welcoming atmosphere.  Located inside the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto's Yorkville neighbourhood, d|bar is spacious and accessible.

The restaurant treats its guests to comfortable armchairs where they can enjoy their meal or cocktail as they bask in the pleasant natural light coming in through the floor-length windows. The temperature is comfortably regulated, allowing for a reprieve from the sweltering summer heat or a haven from the winter chill.  The staff and management alike are helpful, friendly and ready to accommodate your needs, and welcome you and your service animal if necessary!

Picture of automatic door opener outside main entrance of D Bar

Parking is easily accessible at various parking garages, and the sidewalk is inlaid with 40-inch curb cuts.  For those using transit, the venue’s closest accessible station is Bloor-Yonge.  The entrance way is clear and presents no inclines or obstacles. The doors both open measure 75 inches wide and there is an automatic door opener for easy access. There is ample space out front if you need to park a scooter.  The pavement is maintained and free of cracks or damage, and the large, white-on-black sign will help you find your way in!  

Picture of accessible interior of restaurant
Picture of accessible outdoor patio

The space between tables within the venue are 4-6 feet wide and all chairs are removable allowing for easy maneuverability.  Tables are 27 inches tall and the service counter is 30 inches tall and includes a handrail.  Menus are written in a large, contrasting font.   Outside you will find a sidewalk level patio with all standard height tables and removable chairs.

The washroom can be accessed with an automatic, 45 inch wide door and contains a large, single accessible stall. The stall is 77x77 inches, and includes a 36-inch wide entrance door with a lever handle for entry, as well as handles on the inside for closing the door.  There are 2 grab-bars by the toilet, which flushes automatically and a floating sink that allows ample room below. The sink is 18 inches deep, allowing for access to soap and paper towels.

Accessible entrance of washroom stall
Picture of grab bars and accessible space in washroom stall

Within d|bar, there are clearly marked black edged on white stairs, as well as an elevator to bring any guests to the second floor. There are some areas within the bar which are inaccessible due to steps, and there is some textured carpeting in the casual sitting area.  The elevator itself is accessible through a 45-inch doorway, and is 65x80 inches.  The space is illuminated by soft yellow lighting and the buttons are labelled with Braille.  The emergency exits for the bar are clear and easy to access, with bright red signs clearly marking them.  

From Sunday to Wednesday the venue is open from 11:00am-12:00am, and from Thursday-Saturday it remains open until approximately 2:00am.  The peak hours during the day tend to be 12:00pm-2:00pm for lunch, and so a later lunch is recommended for those patrons who may be more sensitive to noise. From 4:30-6:00 or 7:00, the restaurant switches to a cocktail bar, with those hours extended to 9:00pm on Tuesdays. Sundays feature brunch, as well as a live DJ at 9:30pm, making these hours somewhat louder.