Nando's Danforth

Picture of accessible entrance for Nando’s Danforth

671 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J 1L3

Call: (416) 461-5551

Nando’s Danforth is a bustling and eccentric joint in the heart of the Danforth, just one block away from Pape’s accessible subway station. It has a huge indoor space which allows for families, friends and groups of all sizes to enjoy a delicious and exciting meal.

Nando’s Danforth brings in bright colours, designs and tastes from its South African roots to the neighbourhood.  You can get anything from appetizers, to salads, to a vast variety of chicken dishes, or even dessert. Nando’s also has vegetarian and gluten-free options to choose from.

Nando’s Danforth’s threshold-free entrance features two 37.5” doors with automatic openers, separated by a small vestibule. There is ample space to maneuver in the front of the entrance which has a service desk and friendly staff to greet you. The flooring is smooth, evenly textured wood with no level changes. Given that winter is upon us, there is a flat mat in front of the door to dry off shoes or wheels of mobility devices.

Picture of large seating booths in Nando’s Danforth

The restaurant is very spacious with many types of seating options. There are booths, standard tables, tables with booth seating on one side and sturdy wooden chairs on the other side, and high top tables with stools. The tables with removeable chairs are 27.5” high and have a pedestal base.

Picture of accessible seating at Nando’s Danforth

The entrance to the accessible private washroom measures 37” with an automatic door opener. Inside the washroom, there is a button to lock the door as well as to call for assistance. There are 2 grab bars surrounding the toilet – L shape 33.5” high to the left of the toilet and a horizontal grab bar behind the toilet at 34” high. The sink measures 28” high and 23” wide with open space underneath it. The toilet, sink, and hand dryer are automatic and at an accessible height. There is a hook on the back of the door and beside the sink to hang objects and a change table for infants.

Picture of accessible washroom at Nando’s Danforth

Nando’s menu is extensive, with many colours and categories to choose from. The menu is easily accessed online, and Braille and large print formats are available as well.  The restaurant was relatively quiet during our late afternoon visit; however, it does tend to get busy at lunch and dinner time.

Picture of accessible menu at Nando’s Danforth