Leela Indian Food Bar

Picture of accessible entrance of restaurant

3108 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6P 2A1

Call: (416) 769-7777

Leela Indian Food Bar in Toronto's Junction District is a bright, colourful space serving Indian tapas and street foods. The restaurant opened in January 2017 and offers a relaxed atmosphere with 30 seats and an open concept kitchen.

The front entrance does not have an automatic door opener, but the pavement area up to the door is smooth with a ¼ inch threshold. Friendly staff are happy to open the 36 inch wide door and to remove the 4 x 6 rubber doormat if needed just inside the door.

Picture of accessible tables in restaurant

Once inside, comfortable booths line the brick wall facing standard height tables and easy-to-remove chairs. The flat, tile flooring is wide and unobstructed, allowing for 360° turning space to manoeuver a mobility device. There is room to park a scooter or other mobility devices at the back of the restaurant opposite the accessible washroom.

Picture of interior of restaruant

The accessible washroom door is 34 inches wide with a lever handle but no automatic door button. The spacious washroom measures 95 x 100 inches. There is a low positioned light switch and a baby change table with space underneath. The sink is 29 inches high but lacks open space underneath the sink. There are two grab bars surrounding the toilet. The toilet paper dispenser is positioned rather high.

Picture of accessible washroom

There is abundant natural light streaming through the wide front windows. The black and white restaurant menu offers good contrast with a readable font size. There is a well priced 12 dish tasting menu at $39.50 without wine and $59.50 with wine. On Monday and Tuesday there is a special served from noon until 5 PM at $19.95. The restaurant offers free delivery seven days a week and foodora delivery.

When looking for the restaurant, the exterior restaurant signage features a yellow font positioned on one side which is rather difficult to read.

Located at the intersection of St. John’s and Dundas West, you can get to Leela via the # 40 Junction bus from the accessible Dundas West Subway Station (at Keele). http://www.ttc.ca/Subway/Stations/Dundas_West/station.jsp

Car drop off and pick up can occur a few feet east of the restaurant at Clendenan Avenue with a curb cut sidewalk. There is street parking available but no Green P parking nearby.