Loaded Pierogi

Picture of accessible entrance of Loaded Pierogi

839 Queen St. West Toronto, ON M6J 1G4

Call: (647) 352-5060

The accessible Loaded Pierogi puts a unique twist to traditional potato and onion pierogis. Cooked either crispy or classic, they offer 18 delicious pierogi dishes loaded with a variety of exceptional toppings! There is also an impressive drink menu from premium vodkas to Ontario craft beers.

The Queen Street location is located on the corner of Queen Street West and Niagara. If you are commuting by TTC, the King streetcar, Spadina streetcar, and #63 Ossington bus are accessible options. The closest Green P parking can be found on King Street, just west of Tecumseth. The front entrance is accessible off of Queen Street West with a 34” wide single door and ½” lip transition. 

The entire restaurant is one level, with the exception of a couple steps to the side entrance. The flooring is hardwood and rugs are placed neatly near the entrances. During the day the restaurant is brightly lit from natural light emitting through the large windows and the noise level is kept quiet in the afternoon, with light music in the background. The food menu is displayed on a well contrasted chalkboard and drink menus are placed on the tables. 

Picture of accessible interior of the Loaded Pierogi

The dining area is setup so that there is a clear path from the front of the restaurant to the back. There are a variety of seating options. The height of most tables are measured at 30 inches, booths at 18 inches, and chairs with no arm rests at 17 inches tall. The bar tables are located at the front and back and are approximately 42 inches in height. There is ample amount of turning space.

Near the back of the restaurant, there are hooks (65” in height) to hang jackets. Further back, there are two individual gender-neutral washrooms. The width of the washroom door is 36 inches with a lever handle to open. Upon entering, the washrooms are very spacious, yet dimly lit. The lights are controlled outside the washroom and are 48.5 inches high. There is a hook just behind the door, 42 inches high. The toilet is 17 inches tall, with a diagnol and horizontal grab bar measured at 24 inches. The sink height is 31 inches with plenty of clearance below and reachable soap and paper towel dispensers.

Picture of accessible washroom in the Loaded Pierogi

Overall, I found Loaded Perogi to be a very accessible restaurant, with good comfort food, great selection of drinks, and very friendly staff. They also offer takeout, delivery, and catering options!