The Civic-Broadview Hotel

Picture of accessible entrance of the Civic restaurant

106 Broadview Ave, Toronto, ON M4M 2G1

Call: (416) 362-8439

With renovations and a major restoration face lift, you would likely never know the now classy Broadview hotel was once the infamous “Jilly’s” adult entertainment club. The new hotel features several accessible features which can be found on their website. However, our visit took us to the Civic restaurant, located on the main level adjacent to the hotel lobby. The menu overall aims to create simple, delicious options with a seasonal focus. The restaurant had a classy and old school vibe and we didn’t want to leave in a hurry.

If you are travelling to the restaurant by TTC, the 504 King streetcar stops right out front the hotel, located at Broadview and Queen St. East. Queen streetcars also stop next to the hotel, but not all cars on this line are accessible. There is also public parking in close proximity to the hotel. The driveway off Broadview on the north side of the building makes for an easy and safe drop off from an accessible vehicle.

The sidewalk in front is wide, level and clear of obstructions leading into the entrance. The doors into the hotel are a spacious 41” wide, with automatic door openers. The entrance into the Civic is 38” wide.  Floors are tile or hardwood and easy to navigate. There was a carpet at the restaurant entrance, likely for the winter months. The lobby provides space if needed for any assistive devices. There is enough spaces between tables to navigate, however it may be a bit tight if visiting during a busy brunch. That said, other patrons and staff were more than happy to shift chairs and make space for us to get to our table. Tables are 27” in height, with most having movable chairs.

Picture of the interior of the Civic restaurant with standard height tables on display
Picture of wide pathways in the Civic Restaurant

Washrooms are located on the basement level, with swanky elevators to take you down. Elevators have 41” wide doors and approximately 50” x 72” interior space. The private accessible washroom has a 38” wide door and an accessible button to lock while in use. There is adequate turning space, a 29” high by 19” wide floating sink and a change table available. Grab bars are installed beside and behind the toilet. The toilet is manual flush, as well as soap and paper towel being manual and located close to the sink.  

Picture of accessible washroom at Civic restaurant

The Civic restaurant does not have a patio, but we are looking forward to a trip back to the Broadview Hotel in warmer weather to sample some cocktails on their accessible rooftop bar which looks to have some spectacular views of the city. Serving staff were very helpful during our visit, even helping to narrow down some tough and delicious menu choices! We will definitely swing around here again!