Spirit of York Distillery Co.

Picture of the accessible entrance at the Spirit of York

12 Trinity St, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4

Call: (416) 777-0001

In the heart of the Distillery District, popular for both tourist and locals, you’ll find the Spirit of York tasting room.  In a heritage building, this fun spot allows you to view all the distillation equipment while sampling their liquor creations- either by a tasting flight or in a fancy cocktail.

The Distillery District is not near the subway line, but the 504 streetcar has accessible cars and stops at Parliament St., just two blocks away. There is also a large outdoor parking lot at Parliament St. & Mill St. The Distillery District is a pedestrian only area that does not allow cars to pass through, which has helped maintain the cobblestone walkways. Spirit of York is one of the first establishments through the main gates at Trinity and Mill streets, so there is no need to navigate any cobblestone if you choose not to explore the area further.

The main bar area has botanicals overhead, making for an inviting and aromatic space to enjoy beverages with friends or learn about the process of making booze! A flight of 3 liquors starts at a reasonable 10 bucks. You can wander the 2500 square foot space in a self-guided tour (which does incorporate a raised “catwalk” with four stairs), or for a group of 8+ you’ll want to contact Spirit of York to book.

Picture of plants and lights over bar at the Spirit of York
Picture of people chatting at the bar at Spirit of York. Bar height tables on display

There is a wide sidewalk leading to the front entrance, which may have a sandwich board in front of it, but also has plenty of room to move around it. The doors are 35” wide each, with one side having an automatic door opener. There is a set of stairs immediately upon entering leading to the main level. There is some room at the bottom of the stairs if you wish to leave any mobility devices there. There is also a lift style elevator 35” by 53” that the staff are happy to help operate as an alternative to the stairs for reaching the main level. This level is all smooth concrete and very open which can also act as an alternative to park a mobility device. There is mostly high-top tables and seating at the bar. But in a couple of areas there are lounge style seating with low tables and comfy chairs.

Picture of the lift to the left of the flight of stairs at the entrance of the Spirit of York
Picture of accessible washroom at the Spirit of York

A large private washroom can be found down a wide hallway off to the side of the main level. The door is 37” wide with an automatic door opener and a lever handle. Inside, there is also a push to lock button and an emergency response button. The toilet has grab bars behind and beside it, the floating sink is 32” high and 29.5” wide. The toilet, sink and soap dispenser are all manual, not automatic. There is paper towel nearby.

A liquid focused menu was no problem for us at the Spirit of York. A great, fun spot we recommend you check out to socialize with friends! We are hoping they expand to include a patio in the future. Overall, we give it a spirited thumbs up!