Picture of accessible entrance of Oliva

3190 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, M4N 2L1

Call: 416-483-9990

Oliva is a growing café with several locations in Toronto. We decided to visit the Yonge & Lawrence space which has been a welcome addition to the Lawrence Park neighbourhood. Oliva offers a cozy spot to get some work done, meet friends or enjoy a cup of joe. It is a small and bright spot that offers healthy sandwiches, pastries and salads along with hot and cold beverages.

Oliva’s main entrance is accessible with a paved low gradient which allows barrier-free access from the street. The door measures 39” wide and has an automatic door opener. There is a small bench with a few tables outside the café which serves as a patio or outdoor area to enjoy your treats. The venue is quite small; however, there is sufficient 360 degree turning space and access from the entrance to the fridge, counter and register.

Picture of standard height table with removable chairs at Oliva

The flooring is a smooth laminate that is level and evenly textured throughout. Along one wall, there are several tables and one by the front window. All tables are 28 ¾ inches high with two removable chairs. The chairs are leather and have arm and back supports making them rather sturdy.

Picture of service counter at Oliva

The menu is displayed above the register area on TV screens with sufficient contrast – white and yellow writing on a black background. Other offerings are also displayed for customers in a glass case on the counter and in the refrigerator. The menu can also be accessed online for those who prefer an electronic format or have difficulty reading the size of the in-store menu.

The private washrooms are located at the back of the restaurant; however, will not be accessible for all mobility device users. The washrooms are small and have doors which swing inward thus further limiting the space inside the washroom. The dimensions are 60x50”. The washroom has a lever handle to enter and the door measures 29” wide. The toilet is 16.5” high and does not have grab bars around it. The sink is small, measuring 10” deep and 34.5” high.

Picture of exterior of washroom door at Oliva
Picture of interior of washroom with no grab bars and small sink

Oliva is located near the Lawrence subway station which does not have elevator access. The 97 Yonge Street bus is an alternative accessible transit option which stops at Yonge and Lawrence. While there is no designated parking, there is street parking available on Yonge street or neighbourhood side streets nearby.