Hawthorne Food & Drink

Picture of accessible entrance of Hawthorne

60 Richmond St. E., Toronto, ON M5C 1N8

Call: 647-930-9517

Hawthorne is a great, smaller size venue downtown that offers fantastic food with a social mission behind it. Opened in 2012, Hawthrone is a social enterprise training restaurant of Hospitality Workers Training Centre which is a non–profit organization that trains unemployed individuals and links them to jobs in the hospitality industry. They are serving carefully prepared, delicious dishes with locally sourced ingredients.

Hawthorne is located on Richmond Street, just east of Yonge, which is only a couple blocks from the accessible Queen Street subway station for transit. There is also Green P parking half a block away, near St. Michael’s Hospital that has accessible spots and can be accessed from Richmond or Queen Street. The entrance to the restaurant is right on a corner with a large curb cut out, and the sidewalk is level to the front door.

Picture of bar height and standard height tables at Hawthorne
Picture of ramp leading to washrooms

There are 2 successive doors to enter the restaurant that are 35” wide. There is no automatic door opener. Inside the entrance there is sufficient 360° turning space, but not a large area for leaving mobility devices etc. at the front. The area between tables may be tight in some places, but in our experience all the staff were more than happy to help us find the most suitable table and/or shift furniture around to make sure you are comfortable. There are taller bar height tables, as well as more standard size 27” high tables and all have movable chairs.

Throughout the restaurant the flooring is smooth concrete. There is a slight level change up to access the washrooms, which has a ramp and sturdy handrail, no steps. The private washroom has no automatic door opener, but it is 35” wide with a lever handle. The sink is manually operated with a lever and is 17” wide with a 28” counter height that has clear space underneath. There is lots of room around the toilet, which is a lever flush and has grab bars beside and behind it. Manual soap dispenser and paper towel are available nearby, paper towel dispenser may be mounted a little bit high for some people.

Picture of accessible washroom

As mentioned, we found the service to be exceptional. With everything from holding open doors, to helping you with the menu. The staff definitely pride themselves on giving customers an excellent time. You won’t regret giving Hawthorne Food & Drink a try, and as their materials say… #DoGood and tell your friends about us!