Waterfalls Indian Tapas Bar- CLOSED

Picture of accessible patio

303 Augusta Ave  Toronto, ON M5T2M2

Call for reservations: (416) 927-9666

This great restaurant in Kensington Market has wonderful accessible features:

inviting patio, huge space indoors and a separate washroom that is the size of small condo.

The front entrance measures at 32 inches and leads the way into a larger than expected dining area. There is a wide, clean unobstructed hallway to the washrooms and the space in between tables is approximately 50 x 30 inches. No level changes or texturing on the floors. As already mentioned, the accessible washroom is larger then standard size and there is even more accessible stalls in the female and male washrooms.

As mentioned on the Via Mercanti post, parking in this area is tricky. Try Spadina Ave. for lots, but come earlier. Due to the proximity of this restaurant to College St, Queen's Park subway station would be a good option.

If you decide not to eat here, at least grab a drink as their list of exotic drinks is impressive.