Crème Brasserie- CLOSED

Picture of accessible entrance

162 Cumberland St  Toronto, ON M5R 3N5

Call for reservations: (416) 962-7363

Crème Brasserie is located in the quaint Renaissance Courtyard in Yorkville with one of the nicest patios in the city. Lucky for us it is very accessible- no level changes, great space in between tables and great views for people watching in every corner.

Another plus for this restaurant is that it is located right in front of an elevator leading from a parking garage at Cumberland and Avenue. Make sure, however, you park in P1 as there is an accessible ramp to the elevator. The other levels (for whatever reason) were built with steps to the elevator.  This wonderful restaurant also validates parking for 2 hours so you will probably have time to do some shopping after dessert.

The space indoors is kept just as clean and roomy as the patio. There is a clear, unobstructed path to the male and female washrooms which contain stalls that are a tad too small to be considered accessible. Each washroom has 2 stalls that measure 40x50 inches. The large door swings inwards which would make it very difficult for someone even with crutches to enter. No grab bars. The sinks and automatic hand dryers are however easily assessed. Even though I thought to disregard this restaurant due to the restrooms, the staff at Creme Brasserie were just so accommodating that I believe if asked, the whole restroom could be used in privacy so that the individual stall doors would not need to be closed.

Another drawback: If planning to use the subway, Bay station is not accessible.

Overall, great food and lunch well priced. Will probably go back simply for the coffee and patio.