Origin- CLOSED

Picture of accessible entrance of Origin

107 King St E  Toronto, ON M5C 1G6

Call for reservations: (416) 603-8009

Here is a restaurant that can offer great food, great drinks, and a great patio!

I will begin by talking about the patio: sidewalk entrance and private spacious tables. Make sure to make reservations, however, because rumor is that tables fill up quick. From the patio you can enter the restaurant, but the family/accessible washroom stall is located in the front part of the restaurant (pictured below). You would need to access this from the main entrance off of King St to avoid the one step level change between the different parts of the restaurant.

Family/Accessible bathroom: located beside the quirky Star Wars artwork below. The staff try to keep this clean room clean and available so provide no signage on the door. Just ask your server for directions. The room itself is large (4 ft in front of toilet), has two grab bars and a sink with appropriate leg space (29 inches from floor).

More features: every table in the main area can accommodate a wheelchair user, including the bar-like tables in front of the open kitchen. Here you can watch as the chefs prepare your meal and maybe share some tricks of the trade! As mentioned there is a one foot level change to another dining space that leads to the patio. This restaurant is a short distance from the King St. subway station, but unfortunately not accessible. Ample parking, however, in a parking garage just west of Church.