Museum Tavern

Picture of accessible patio
Picture of restaurant exterior.

208 Bloor St. WestToronto, ON M5S 3B4

Call for reservations: (416) 920-0110

Before visiting this restaurant, I read tons of great reviews on their drinks and menu items. Well now Museum Tavern can add another great review to the count.

Let me begin by stating that this place actually has elevator access to the front door, which may be alarming for most considering two flights of stairs showcase themselves right off of Bloor St. The elevator can be found through the doors leading into the medical office just under the stairs. This door can be opened by an automatic button. I was told that the doors may close early on the weekends, but you just need to call the restaurant and someone will let you in. A little inconvenient, but the staff are just so darn nice that you do not mind asking.

The restaurant itself is one floor with easy access to the single accessible washroom stall and patio. There is, however, a slight bump over the door frame paneling to get onto the patio but the table number is kept small so space for even a scooter should not be a problem. Do try and get a seat on this patio which looks over the famous Royal Ontario Museum crystal. Regarding transportation, there are a few options on Bedford St (just west of the restaurant) and St. George station is accessible!