The Drake Hotel

Picture of main entrance of the Drake Hotel

1150 Queen St W  Toronto, ON M6J 1J3

Call for reservations: (416) 531-5042

Built in 1890, the Drake Hotel unfortunately contains many flights of stairs and no elevator to make the many wonderful spaces in this hotel restaurant completely accessible. However, half of the main dining room and the corner cafe patio are nicely designed to accommodate. Same menu throughout the restaurant so you will still be able to try the fancy fries ;)

Upon arriving at the hotel, you will notice a large step at the entrance that mimics the doorway of an old cinema. Do not fret as there is an accessible doorway around the corner from the Drake cafe. This door leads to the accessible washroom stall and the lobby. From the lobby you can access the dining hall through a door beside the staircase going downstairs. Doorway measures at 28 inches. Dining area is carpeted, but no level changes. Great decor with large tables.

Separate family/accessible washroom stall: large door, grab bars, automatic dryers, 29 inch clearance under sink, 4 ft in front of toilet

The Drake Hotel does not have designated parking, however there is a Green P parking lot located on the southeast corner across the street. There is also street parking along Queen St., but be forewarned that generally parking is hard to find so arrive early.