Bedford Academy


36 Prince Arthur Ave  Toronto, ON M5R 2J9

Call for reservations or private parties: (416) 921-4600

Upon my arrival, the Bedford Academy staff were proud to tell me that there was a ramp at the side of the building that lead into the 3- story pub and an elevator inside that accessed all floors. Definitely surprising when you consider how old the place is. I would say that some upkeep of these items are in order, but this place still impressed with their efforts to make the establishment accessible to all.

Lets begin by reviewing the patio: This patio not only boosts a 188 seat capacity, it is designed to leave plenty of space in between tables and into the restaurant. As mentioned there is a ramp on the side of the building, but be aware of the 2 inch lip to get on. Inside you will find that the main floor is clear of obstructions and there are no level changes. This floor, as well as the two above, are cozy and accessible by a small elevator.

Elevator: 50x35 inches. Entrance measures at 34 inches. Buttons are not at appropriate height and to even use it you need a staff member to escort you to the floor. I would have suggested just staying on the main floor, but unfortunately the largest bathroom stall is on the 3rd floor.

Bathroom on 3rd floor: no grab bars, proper handle, 34 inches door width, 3 1/2 feet clearance in front of toilet, sink height 29 inches, very clean and uncluttered.

Parking options along Bedford and St. George station is around the corner. Overall, great place to consider for a drink after work or a cozy lunch with friends.