Against the Grain Leaside- CLOSED

Picture of accessible patio

87 Laird Drive, Leaside Village Toronto, ON, M4G 3T7

Call for reservations: (647) 748-2840

This is the second opening of Against the Grain following the huge success of their lakeside location. Thank goodness for our city because now we have another incredible patio where the whole family can spend the afternoon.

This gastropub is located on the corner of a large development in Leaside where ample parking is available. The front entrance has double doors and can be opened by an automatic button. Once inside there are steps leading to an elevated seating area, but there are several tables on the main floor for seating. Overall, very clean and spacious design with unobstructed pathways to the patio and bathrooms.

Two Patios: Sidewalk level and on the inaccessible second floor.

Bathrooms: On the main floor. Large swinging doors to enter. One family size stall in each (2 grab bars, 72x72 inches) . Automatic sinks and dryers. Sink height 29 inches with appropriate leg clearance.

Overall both locations of Against the Grain are wonderfully designed to keep nobody out!

Original Lakeside Location:25 Dockside Drive, Corus Quay Toronto ON, M5A 0B5

Check out their website for pics of location-