Bestellen- CLOSED

Picture of bookshelf and vintage table in Bestellen

972 College St  Toronto, ON M6J 3H8

Call for reservations: (647) 341-6769

The variety of tables and large open spaces make this restaurant really stand out in terms of accessibility. From the moment you enter, you feel comfortable.

The entrance is on street level with a doorway measuring at 38 inches. Inside no level changes and no carpet. The front tables are quite high at 32 inches (great for power chairs I would say!), but past the bar there are the standard 29 inch wood tables. Tables are kept at a low number to provide ample space in between.

At the back of the restaurant there is a separate family style/wheelchair accessible bathroom stall that is so large it has a lounge chair! Large door with straight handle, grab bar, automatic dryer, and sink 29 inches from floor.

As Bestellen is on the west-end of Little Italy, street parking is available (for free depending on the time). While not close to a subway station, a quick ride on the 506 Carlton streetcar from the accessible Queen's Park Station is an option.