Thor Espresso Bar

Picture of ocean painting in Thor Espresso Bar

35 Bathurst St  Toronto, ON M5V 2P2

It took me awhile to actually figure out where this great specialty coffee shop was located but I thankfully found it and happy to be reviewing its accessible design! I had to check out The Slayer (the Ferrari of espresso machines), "the coolest espresso machine on the planet" as quoted by Toronto Life.

The front entrance of Thor Espresso Bar has 2 large doors. There is no automatic button. The entrance and spacious patio are both on the sidewalk level. Indoors there is only bar seating and a small table with four chairs to most likely provide enough room for people waiting in line!

There is only one large washroom stall at the back for everyone to use: 36 inch door, sink height 29 inches, 2 grab bars. The paper towels and soap are placed on a ledge above the sink which may be a little high for those in a seated mobility device.

A large parking lot is located behind the shop or you may be able to find street parking on Niagara St. Both are paid parking. Thor is not on the subway line.