Picture of SCHOOL restaurant signage

70 Fraser Ave  Toronto, ON M6K 3E1

Voted as one of the best patios in Toronto in 2010 by Toronto Life, this brunch hot spot is worth the wait on a Sunday morning. Yes, unfortunately like most restaurants in Toronto, SCHOOL does not take reservations. The plus side is that not only are their biscuits impressive, but so is their accessible design.

In front of SCHOOL is a large parking lot and parking is free on the street on weekends and after 5pm on weekdays. Using public transit, your best bet would be catching the Ossington bus from accessible Eglinton Ave. West station.

Regarding the restaurant, there are two separate doors that need to be passed to enter the restaurant which are 32 inches wide. This leads to a very narrow walkway (26 inches) leading up to the hostess. The chairs left along the side to accommodate people waiting is what makes the place seem crammed, but staff would be able to remove if needed.

Inside there are two great seating areas with two patios to choose from. The patio in the front is a welcoming spot for those who enjoy people watching, but I would highly recommend asking for a seat in the beautiful private patio in the back.  Here tables are kept to a minimum and the washrooms are easily accessed.

Accessible washroom? Yes! There is one stall in each of the female and male washrooms which have 2 grab bars, 34 inch wide door with a handle on the inside and 4 ft clearance in front of toilet. No automatic flushers, sinks, or dryers.

Update: Brunch is served on weekdays as well, from 8 AM to 4 PM.