Reds Wine Tavern


77 Adelaide St W  Toronto, ON M5H 1P9

Call for reservations: (416) 862-7337

Only the second floor of this newly renovated restaurant bar is accessible, but the great decor and attentive staff may just make up for the large staircase separating me from the the main floor bar.

The restaurant is located within the First Canadian Place or the big white BMO building. It is near the Northbridge Place entrance (as pictured below) that you can access the elevator that leads to the second floor of the restaurant, however you need a staff member to escort you. The reason for the friendly escort is that it is a service elevator that leads to the kitchen of the restaurant! So yes, before you are able to enjoy a glass of wine you will be given a quick tour of the kitchen- kind of cool actually :)

The staff at Reds Wine Tavern recommend that you call them once you are inside the First Canadian Place main floor and they will direct you where to meet the hostess. The main entrance off of Adelaide wont help as it will only lead you to the main floor where all the tables are bar height. There is also a patio out front, but again all the seating is at bar level (over 4 ft high).

The male and female washrooms on the second floor both provide accessible stalls with 31 inch doorways and 40x60 inch space in front of the toilet. There are no grab bars, however, and no leg room under the sinks. There is also no handle inside the washroom stall which can make it difficult to close the door from the inside.

If using transit, take the subway to St. Andrew and follow the overhead PATH signs to First Canadian Place Shopping Centre. King station is not accessible. If driving, the entrance to the underground garage is accessible from both Adelaide St. and York St. (Note: York St.  is one-way northbound and Adelaide St. is one-way eastbound).

Overall, the staff at Reds Wine Tavern have been successful in creating a space that can be accessed by everyone. The entrance to the restaurant is not exactly ideal, but the effort put forth is commendable and I am still talking about my meal four days later.