El Catrin


18 Tank House Lane Toronto, ON M5A 3C4

Call for reservations: (416) 203-2121

Oh how I love Mexican food and El Catrin has provided the city with one of the most vibrant spots to enjoy the cuisine. Bold, bright colours cover the walls in this huge space where Indoor dining is easily brought outdoors with the impressive heated patio.

The front entrance has dual double doors that lead into a spacious dining area all on one level. There are several bar height booths throughout the restaurant, but there are over ten tables available at standard height (29 inches above floor). Broad walkways are unobstructed and tables are separated quite nicely for privacy and move-ability.

The washrooms at El Catrin are quite nice as they offer seven private unisex stalls, including a large accessible room. The door to the room is 36 inches wide. Inside there is a handle behind the door for easy closure, 2 grab bars, an automatic soap dispenser and a small floating sink.  To top it off, they were able to make the space look just as cool as the rest of the restaurant with the art on the wall!

The Distillery District is off the subway line, but there is a large outdoor lot at Parliament St.  & Mill St.  where I have always been able to find a spot. For newcomers to the area, keep in mind that the Distillery District is a fenced off area of the city that does not allow cars to pass through which has helped maintain the cobblestone walkways. The area is recognizable by the brown brick buildings and iron gate off of Mill St.

Overall, not a huge fan of the cobblestone district for wheelchair users but El Catrin may be what keeps me coming back. Specifically, the guacamole and tres leches cake- amazing.