Crema Coffee Co.- CLOSED

Picture of exterior of coffee shop. Red StopGap ramp outside of door

508 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1P6

The newest location of the Crema Coffee Co. group is made accessible by the inspirational StopGap initiative that provides removable ramps to any establishment interested in bringing awareness to the community.

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The ramp is sturdy enough for any mobility device as long is someone is available to assist with the door. The entrance measures at 34 inches, no automatic door opener available. Once inside, there are tables available in the front and back of the cafe which are divided by the service counter. There is a wide pathway to maneuver spaces, but it may be a little tight during morning coffee rushes.

The only washroom available to customers is wheelchair accessible: 34 inch wide door, curved right sided grab bar, floating sink 29 inches from floor, no automatic features.

This coffee shop opens early and closes late! They also offer coffee stamp cards which are a nice feature for the regular clientele.

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