Linda Modern Thai- CLOSED

Picture of exterior of Linda Modern Thai

11 Karl Fraser Rd, Toronto, ON M3C 0E7

Call for reservations: (416) 642-3866

Found myself again at the Shops at Don Mills and decided to eat at Linda Modern Thai. I have to say that the exterior of this restaurant did not prepare me for the exquisite interior space and exceptional flavours! This must be why they were given the honorable Thai Select Cuisine designation from Thailand's Ministry of Commerce- meaning this is as authentic as it gets in Toronto!

Now onto the space: one word- PERFECT.

Front entrance does not include an automatic opener, but each door opens 34 inches wide. Large walkways run throughout the restaurant with every table being accessible. No level changes and easily visible washrooms and emergency exits.

Female and male washrooms include separate accessible stalls: 34 inch wide entrance, 50x50 inches in front of toilet, 2 grab bars, automatic toilet, sink and hand dryer. There is enough leg room under the sink with it being 30 inches from the ground.

The Shops at Don Mills can actually be a nice change from the bustle of downtown. Best feature would be the free and easy parking available in various lots. Buses also pass through very frequently.