Café Uno- CLOSED

Picture of the accessible entrance

42 Gristmill Lane,Toronto, ON M5A 3C4

You can find this spacious café in Toronto's Distillery District. It is not on the main street which makes it a little hard to spot, but it also allows for a quiet retreat in the ever popular cobblestone district.

The main entrance measures at 29 inches wide, which is a tad too small for most mobility devices. However, there are double doors that can be both opened to accommodate. A ramp leads up to the entrance which is 40 inches wide. Make a note that the railing is only on the right hand side while going up and the incline is almost to code.

Indoors, there is no carpet, no level changes and incredible pathways in between tables and leading to the accessible washroom. The washroom is easily identifiable with a large 32 inch door, 2 grab bars, 72x72 inch space in front of toilet and a floating sink 30 inches from the floor. Very clean.

I was only able to grab a quick coffee from this café, but the staff were friendly and the pizza and panini options on the menu looked appetizing. Licensed by the LCBO, Café Uno also stocks a wide selection of domestic and imported beer and wine. Bring out those patio chairs in a few months and I will be back ;)