Cafe con Leche Espresso Bar

Picture of accessible interior of Cafe con Leche

1571 Dupont St, Toronto, ON M6P 3S5

To begin, without even measuring, the ramp leading up to the front entrance of this coffee shop is too steep.  Sad face, BUT the espresso and customer service is just so great I had to include them on the blog!

Cafe con Leche has been open for a little over one year and they have created quite the buzz around their Nutella latte. I ordered it and will report it is delicious. As mentioned the entrance into this shop is not ideal, beginning from the too steep ramp

Picture of accessible entrance with removable ramp.

and a landing much too small for anyone with a mobility device to get in alone. Having said this the doorway measures at 32 inches and there are no obstructions upon entering. So please visit with a buddy to aid with your coffee endeavor.

As a plus there is a large washroom with a 36 inch doorway and 40x50 inch space in front of the toilet. There are unfortunately no grab bars or automatic features. But at least this room doesn't double as a storage room :)