The Beet Organic Café

Picture of accessible entrance of the Beet Organic Cafe

2945 Dundas St W, Toronto ON M6P 1Z2

Call for reservations: (416) 916-2368

Walked into this cozy Junction café yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by a few things ...

1. Although they provide some delicious vegetarian and vegan options, The Beet also offers organic meat items for our carnivorous partners. Gluten free options for the little ones is also a nice touch :)

2. The washroom is one of the most mommy friendly spaces I have ever seen! The width inside is 40 inches with a length of 90 inches. There is a clean changing table and a large sink. 2 grab bars are available for those that may need assistance getting on and off the toilet. The doorway measures at 31 inches, but it is obstructed by the pay counter which reduces the turning space to 26 inches. Unfortunately, this would not work for a power chair or scooter.

3. There is an automatic button for the front entrance (34 inches)! The nicely sloped ramp with a width of 38 inches is an added bonus.

If planning on visiting, please note that there are approximately 6 tables that someone with a mobility device or stroller can be seated at so consider calling beforehand to reserve a table! If planning on taking transit, Dundas St West subway station is accessible off the Bloor line. From here you would want to take the 40 Junction bus. Street and lot parking available.

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